Eat Together

Eat Together

We are opening up the opportunity to join our Eat Together group.  On Thursday 21st September, you are welcome to come along for a “Taster” session.

We shall be having an informal buffet at the Centre.

Arrive at 12.00 noon and bring along a small buffet item (could be sausage rolls, crisps, biscuits or something you have enjoyed baking at home)

Please include ingredients of any home baking for allergy information.

You can meet this wonderful, friendly group and if you enjoy the Taster, you can sign up to join the group on the day.  After signing up, you will be issued with an eating out rota, which shows where we meet each week.  You will enjoy a variety of pubs and coffee houses in the local area.  Many are on bus routes and easily accessible.  Door to door will also drop you off, but you will need to arrange transport yourself.   This group is great if you enjoy eating out, and having a natter.  Dress up / Dress down – we don’t mind, we just love company!   Bring your purse / wallet to pay for your own lunch and drinks.